Rampage 2018 Perfect Movie If You Are Looking for Fun

Sometimes those individuals who are keeping themselves isolated from other people are the people that must take their stand. Davis Okoye, a professional primatologist who has been looking for after George (a rare albino gorilla) since birth and suddenly got his friend very restless and grown into a big gorilla in just a night. That is why he calls on the help of a genetic engineer to find out what is going on with his gorilla friend and they discover that this change is the result of the genetic editing serum.

After George was exposed to the serum, he began to show some aggressive behavior and continually growing into a giant Gorilla. On the other hand, elite soldiers who are doing some investigation to some dense forest where the wolves are living have encountered a giant wolf and so these elite soldiers are fighting this 30 foot wolf. In the scene, we have seen that they are hunted by this wolf that has been exposed to genetic editing serum and so they need back up from the helicopter, but the 30-foot wolf just jump towards the chopper and kill all those who are aboard. Later on in the movie trailer, we have seen the wolf working together with the gorilla doing some damage in the metropolis.

Federal agent Russell ( Jeffrey Dean Morgan) who has the information regarding the events confronted Okoye and said everything is under control to which Okoye exclaimed that it is not safe for the Gorilla to be on the plane while it is very unstable. Russell is just doing right thing, however when the plane was off the air where the gorilla was keep, suddenly it shows some aggressive behavior and got lose on the cage and jumps off the plane. But before it jumps the plane, it did some damages on the aircraft and has it crash on the ground leaving some debris on the plane and bodies of the dead crew. While Okoye was on the crash site, he notices that the Gorilla was not dead even though it did fall from the plane.

We don’t know who really control these animals that are exposed to genetic editing serum. It gives us clear understanding that serum is intentionally exposed to the animals and control them in order to go berserk and destroy the city.  Agent Russell stated that this metamorphosis that happened on the animals is due to failed experiment on space laboratory. Nonetheless, the real question is why does he know the situation already? And why these animals are just going to the same direction? Does someone really control them? Did someone really want to make this happens in order to test this genetic editing serum?

And so these animals are heading towards Chicago and the destruction is very clear. As they observe the damage done by George, they need to evacuate the people out of the city while the military are trying their best to stop the rampaging gorilla. We can see plenty of rubbles and torn building to the ground and as the wolf and gorilla running on the street, wherever they go they some heavy damage.

So, if you are looking for movies with non-stop action and the solution of the plot must only reveal along the lines of the movie, and then Rampage 2018 will be an ideal family summer film you need to enjoy. We all know how good Dwayne Johnson with regards to acting movies likes this. Just like his previous movies, Skyscraper, San Andreas, and Journey 2: Mysterious Island.  Just imagine all these scenes from his previous movies combine them together and you will get Rampage 2018. So are you excited for another adventure and action? Watch now for free online Rampage 2018.

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