Disney Magic Kingdoms – Restore Back the Magic

Welcome the new Disney game called Disney Magic Kingdoms which gives you the best entertainment as you are going to expose to the great theme park. Your task is to build a wonderful and fantastic park. Discover new sights and see Disney’s character. With game like this you can expect a very appealing and full of magic from a Disney world, nonetheless this is free to play game and you can follow your wonderful Disney characters within the game.

Actually, you will love this game, as you are given a task and choose a character that will help recreate a Disney park. In the trailer you are to help Disney friends rebuild the park because it was lock by evil magician and you will take the task of restoring joy and happiness in the Park. This will truly give you great time to experience new Disney wonderful land in very colorful park. This is like a time management game; you do the task of what it needs to be done just to let the park come back to life for the visitors to enjoy.

Basically, you may want to consider Disney Magic Kingdoms is perfect for every mobile game player since the game is designed for kids. So regardless of the concept you should know that there are no perfect video games but always there are flaws. For instance, there are moments that you need to wait for 6 hours to continue in the plot, which in general you can only play it in a few minutes. Lagging and loading are one of the big issues; maybe this is just to test the new game. Lagging will continue to be present when you go deeper to the story.

You begin with a mission to remove the fog which is done by dark magic which cursed the Magic Kingdom; by the way this is done by our very own bad witch Maleficent. Together with Mickey, Merlin and a whole Disney characters you have to restore magic back to the Kingdom, once more bring back the visitors to see the beauty of the Kingdom and provide the people with their needs just like a tycoon games.

Although the game’s narration is out of tune and sometimes the grammar is wrong, the mechanics of the game the user-interface will win your heart and they are v in order which is very easy to manage. Just like any City building games, this time around you have the chance to control and placing and moving building in the ideal spot in the park. Later on the park will get very congested due to the presence of the buildings, booth and attractions. You will love the appearance and the sound is so elegant. The characters in the game are wonderfully created, the settings are amazing. Imagine you are the one who make the Kingdom back to life according to your own plan.

As usual you can connect with your friends using your Facebook and you can check out your friend’s park and help them in tasks and to you as well vice versa. Experience new community challenges to be unlocked which gives you incentives with fantastic attractions for your elegant park and extra gems or you can go to this site disney magic kingdoms cheat  to give you more resources in your account to max your stuff easily. Although there is micro-transaction in the game and you need to invest real money to fully have the best enjoyment in the Disney Magic Kingdoms. This game is not really generous for gamers and your task most of the time is to collect stars and potions to increase your park level. There are some attractions must be unlocked using gems. So there is fun in the game but there is also frustration. Nonetheless if you really want to play Disney Magic Kingdoms be the one to decide if the game is for you.

Latest Improvement In Civilization 6


Let’s talk about the major improvements to cities and districts the thing worth mentioning most with this point that you need to know is that city no longer stack. You establish the city center on your land but the entire city and wonders and districts don’t just pop up within that one tile they spread out to other hexagon tiles around the city center.  Each district exists as a separate tile and because of this new version of the system placement of these districts and your city itself is really key. You’re gonna want to think ahead when you establish the city and think where eventually districts are going to end up should they end up near plantation, near water, you need to think about all that before your city is even growing. The way it works now is that you can establish say something like a military district where you place barracks with in those districts.
You’ll have a military district set up and then once you finally build a barracks you’ll see that pop up within that district. These systems really go hand in hand because you can establish a campus district for improving research and education and then within that campus district you can build a college or a library to get other bonuses a workshop for example requires an industrial sector and I think it’s worth mentioning that you’ll see all these districts grow and change throughout the game the industrial sector is a perfect example because while it starts out one way eventually you’ll see smoke stacks and factories pop up. I know I said fans really like those visual indicators of history changing and it was certainly nice to say.




Villains That Lives On In The Video Games

Your video game hero is without significant when there is no villain. In popular video games these villains rock the life of your heroes and get you to the level of concentration. You want to follow the plot of the game and want to finish these villains but the plot has its own unpredictable path. So you better level up faster.


Doctor Q.L. Killjoy

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The suffering may have slipped below plenty of radars but that doesn’t mean it can’t have one of gaming’s most memorable villains. Dr. Killjoy was a psychiatrist on the ill-fated Carante Island long before protagonist Torque arrived at Abbott State Penitentiary, the deranged doctor was known for his inhumane treatments that led to the deaths of many of his patients. During the suffering killjoy acts as a catalyst for much of what Torque’s ends up going through all in search of a cure for the prisoners monstrous mental instability. Killjoy shows himself via creepy old tiny projections indicative of the era he terrorized his patients in. The mad doctor may not have been the true evil of the suffering but he put Torque through a living hell and sometimes he just seemed a little too happy about it.




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This undead fame needs little introduction as has been a notable villain in everything from feature films to gothic novels. Ignoring economies Castlevania Lord of shadows from series continuity the prince of darkness is the Castlevania series greatest antagonist .Every century Dracula is resurrected and continues his quest to be evil, suck blood and lay waste to humanity with an army of ghouls, goblins, wareworlves and other frightening monsters like Diablo and other villains in the early years of gaming Dracula typically stayed hidden until the game’s final act revealing himself for an epic boss battle that would test both the gamers skill and patience for lords of Shadow 2 Konami switch things up and allowed the chance to finally control Dracula himself though the experience was generally panned as being lackluster.




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During the events of portal GLaDOS short for Genic Lifeform and Disk Operating System. Torments the player Chell with ridicule as she works her way through a labyrinth of puzzles and environmental hazards. Though she’s on nuisance GlaDos simply comes across as an overbearing verbally abusive mother that just want to see her children succeed when the truth comes out that all test subjects are to be incinerated and Chell escapes the artificial intelligence takes on a more sinister role hell-bent on destroying the escape subject. After her destruction GLaDOS is reactivated by Chell and her companion robot Wheatly and once again forces her subject to perform for her to crush her morale though GlaDos wines up working with Chell to take down Wheatly after his own corruption it’s hard to forget the many he digs at and attempted murder after innocent human like a  guinea pig.




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Bowser may not be some murderous feet but his track record for causing mischief and mayhem is about as long as they come. This oversized turtle dinosaur hybrid is a true thorn in Mario and Luigi side constantly capturing their beloved princesses and laying trail of his goons to get in the way. Bowser has been the catalyst for just about every Super Mario Brothers game as well as many Mario spinoffs like Paper Mario, Mario and Luigi Partners in Time and Super Princess Peach. Bowser main goal is to merge the Mushroom Kingdom with his own though his biggest infatuation does seem to be with the Golden Princess Peach. Regardless of what Browser truly wants for thirty years he has terrorized Mario and company with no sign of relenting anytime soon.